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Re: Stripped/Mirrored LVs with PHCO_36746

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Alex Georgiev
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Stripped/Mirrored LVs with PHCO_36746

Has anyone tried the new patch yet?

Suddenly I find myself in need of a Stripped/Mirrored LV because I'm migrating from one storage array to another. Just curious of anyone has tried the new Stripped/Mirrored LV patch yet. If yes, did you run into any problems or issues?
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Stripped/Mirrored LVs with PHCO_36746

Have read through the following thread:

This person recently did this and had a few issues. The particular issue they had was getting it to work. The magic command to activate it is:

export LVM_CONFIGURE=1; lvmadm -i LargeLVStripeMirror; krs_flush
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Re: Stripped/Mirrored LVs with PHCO_36746

There is a bug in the enablement patch of stripe mirror functionality, if you run the command given above, every thing works fine.
Stripe & mirroring really give good performence bonus compared to normal LVs