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Re: Unique PVID's error message

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Unique PVID's error message

We have been experimenting with DRD and doing various things with it to discover all of the powerful uses it has. All has been going well with our testing, but we did notice we we're suddenly getting the following message in our syslog which looks like it could be due to some of the DRD Cloning we've been doing, as we have never gotten this message before. (We got this message a day after a clone of the OS was done to a spare local disk) Can anyone tell me what this is telling us and/or if there's any action we need to take?

Syslog-check on oc1 is WARNING: (1): May 30 04:00:30 oc1 LVM[1228]: Unique PVID: The contents of the file /etc/lvmconf/pv_lock were overwritten with same data or the file time stamp on the file was modified. Possibly touch(1M) or tar -x operation was performed on the file. There could be delay or failure in the generation of unique PVIDs.

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James R. Ferguson
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Re: Unique PVID's error message


The 'pv_lock' file is used by 'pvcreate'. It should not be modified manutally. It is used to insure that at least one-second elapses between sucessive 'pvcreate' operations. This insures that the PVID written to an LVM physcial disk is unique, since the PVID consists of an Epoch seconds component and the unique machine ID as seen in 'uname -i'.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: Unique PVID's error message


This is a common occurrence in SG clusters where the unique id is written by one system on shared storage and detected as an issue on the second node.

This data can not be manually manipulated and I think you are just going to have to live with it.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Unique PVID's error message

Thanks for the replies on this.

This particular HP-UX 11.23 host that we have been using DRD with is not a clustered host.

It sounds like that we are seeing this because when we use DRD, it's using "pvcreate" to initialize the spare disk we're using for this and as a result it needs to use the uniqe PVID? This is good info and we can live with it, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a serious issue that needed immediate action.

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Re: Unique PVID's error message