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VG status problem

Dear All,

my cluster is running properly. after the cluster is up successfully and application and database are also running fine.

when i display vg's by using vgdisplay command then it is showing the status of every vg except vg00 as " available/ exclusive ". couple of days back it is as " available/syncd "

J. Bravo
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Re: VG status problem


If the VGs belongs to a cluster the situation you are describing is fine. The status should be: vg00 or vg not on cluster "available"; vg on cluster "available, exclusive"

The "available/syncd" status is for LV not for the VG.


J. Bravo.
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Re: VG status problem

For a VG in cluster mode you should see something like this:

# vgdisplay -v vg07
--- Volume groups ---
VG Name /dev/vg07
VG Write Access read/write
VG Status available, exclusive


--- Logical volumes ---
LV Name /dev/vg07/lvol1
LV Status available/syncd

Hope this helps!

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Wouter Jagers
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Re: VG status problem


The volume groups which are visible to both systems for failover functionality should be activated exclusively on one node when your cluster is running.

This exclusive activation will prevent other nodes from activating the VG at the same time.

Hence, no need to worry :)

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Re: VG status problem

strange...2 people asked the similar question within minutes today.... :)
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Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: VG status problem

This is the expected mode in cluster environment. VGs are activated in exclusive mode so only one node can access it at a given time to maintain data integrity.
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Re: VG status problem

In the cluster environment this is a expected vg status. If a vg is in exclusive mode then the node on which this vg is activated in exclusive mode can only write to this vg other nodes have read only access .