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VGID not unique

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VGID not unique



I have vpar 6.2, all storage Is presented from EMC via npiv (it all works great). I'm undertaking a DC migration where some LUNS from another server will be presented via BCV to my vpar. I want to validate what luns belong to which volume group, so I thought I'd query the VGID to do this.


in preparation I thought I'd test it on the 2 VG I presently have setup on my 11.31 vpar. However running the various 'xd' commands (from forum search) shows no difference in the VGID even though I know the disks I'm testing against belong to two different volume group.


Is there a way of getting the VGID from EMC LUN on a vpar running March 2013 release of HP-UX?




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Re: VGID not unique



How are you using xd ?, what version are you using of lvm ?


right now I only have a 11.31 server with legacy devices, and lvm 1.0 but xd works ok:


root@or:/> vgdisplay -v vg00 | grep "PV Name"
   PV Name                     /dev/dsk/c55t0d0s2
   PV Name                     /dev/dsk/c48t0d0s2

root@or:/> xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/dsk/c55t0d0s2 |awk '{print$1}'|grep -v "^\ "
root@or:/> xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/dsk/c55t0d0s2 |awk '{print$4}'|grep -v "^\ "
root@or:/> cat /etc/lvmconf/vg00.mapfile | head -1
VGID 3a6b51ec459149ac


Windows?, no thanks
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Re: VGID not unique

this is 11.31 with persistent devices using lvm 2.2 so an example


output of lvmadm -l


VG Name /dev/vgdatabase
PV Name /dev/disk/disk12


VG Name /dev/vgarchive
PV Name /dev/disk/disk22


xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/disk/disk22  |awk '{print$1}'|grep -v "^\ "


xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/disk/disk12 |awk '{print$1}'|grep -v "^\ "


even without the grep displaying all values all the values are the same


xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/disk/disk22
                   20000               0        41303030        30303030

xd -An -j8200 -N16 -tx /dev/disk/disk12
                   20000               0        41303030        30303030


i'm wondering if this relates to LVM2.2


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Re: VGID not unique

Hi, yes it does relate, if you are using lvm2.X, you can get the info using:


For the PVID, use:

    xd -An -j8208 -N17 -tc DISK

For the VGID, use:

    xd -An -j8344 -N17 -tc DISK
Windows?, no thanks