Volume group error

Fadia Almarei
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Volume group error

Dear All



i have hp-ux 11.23 with EMC SAN connected to it , powerpath is installed on the server , as you know when we dfine volume groups we use disk name (no pusedo names) to define volume groups, we have switch migration and we move SAN connection we get disk names changes and so get the following error in volume groups , what should we do to solve this problem 



The Logical Volume Manager shows this device file, /dev/dsk/c21t0d0,

with hardware path, 0/3/1/, as belonging to Volume

Group, vg02-BSCS. SAM has determined that this hardware path is not

currently active because either the device is disconnected, or this

is not the primary path to a multiple path physical volume. This

results in incorrect disk utilization information in the Disk Devices

and Volume Group lists.



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Patrick Wallek
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Re: Volume group error

If your disk device files have changed then you will need to reimport all of your VGs using their new device files.