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bad block in logical volume of OS disk

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bad block in logical volume of OS disk

There is bad block found in logical volumne /dev/vg00/lvol8 [i.e. /var]. The exercise we have done in fixing the pbm is that we run fsck while the system was booting but some block were found bad and after unable to fix the pbm fsck process again shows bchechrc where we use ctrl-d to skip the process and it boots the rest of the file system. Hence, my query what is the exact pbm and if there is an OS or it is an HW pbm. plz explain me the both case-wise. My query is in case any logical volumn of the disk is showing an bad block can we remvove that LV and can we create the same logical at the another space of the same disk. plz reply at the earliest.
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Re: bad block in logical volume of OS disk

For all the steps see

Check for stale extends!

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