extend partition root (/)

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Binh Che Viet
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extend partition root (/)

Hi all,
I have a partition root (/) and use 100% space. how to do by extend.

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Re: extend partition root (/)

Read through the below thread


something has filled route, if you can reduce this then that my help and you do not need to increase /

# find / -xdev |xargs ls -ld |sort -rnk 5 |more

this lists all files on the / filesystem in order of which file is the larges.

also search for a file core on the root filesystem

find / -xdev -name core -exec ll {} \;

do it soon or your system may crash!

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Re: extend partition root (/)

Personal opinion, I would prefer create new file system on other disk if I need disk space instead of extending / file system.
Use Lawrenzo's way to find out the large files, and move the files to the proper places.
Hope this can help.
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Re: extend partition root (/)


I propose the Twang's suggestion.
If it is desperate to increase the / size, Ignite is the solution
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Hoang Chi Cong_1
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Re: extend partition root (/)

Hi Viet

Strongly recommand: make a recovery tape before extend the root partition.
What kind of the filesystem in your system?
You can refer to these thread:

and this document ID:

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Tim D Fulford
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Re: extend partition root (/)

/ should really have very little in it, and what it does have should be relatively static. (there are some exceptions, e.g. root home dir..).

Generally what may have happened is that someone has inadvertently filled it up, like outputting to /dev/nul (instead of /dev/null) or written to /dev/rmt/Om ("oh" instead of "zero"). I'd check out these before launching into ignite + rebuild.


Steven E. Protter
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Re: extend partition root (/)

You can not extend root partition.

You can make a make_tape_recovery tape, boot off of it and then intervene at the console to create a bigger root fs.

There should as noted by my colleagues not be any REAL files in the root fs.

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Adisuria Wangsadinata_1
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Re: extend partition root (/)

Hi Binh Che Viet,

2 ways to extend root (/) file sytem :
- scary one, re-install the whole OS
- unscary one, using Ignite/UX software

The Ignite/UX software is a free software from HP, check the software at this url :


Hope this information can help you.

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