extend the root file system

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extend the root file system


plz, how can I extend the root file system ?
(ie: /)

Even if with the install CD, and start the system on sigle user, the patition can't be extended.

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Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: extend the root file system


You will have to use an ignite (bootable) tape. Any specific reason to extend / filesystem ?

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Darren Prior
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Re: extend the root file system


This is best done by making an Ignite image of vg00 and reapplying it, at which point you should then specify any changes to filesystem sizes. There's documentation available at http://docs.hp.com


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Sanjay Kumar Suri
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Re: extend the root file system

Are you following the steps:
Power --> Esc --> menu choice a
>boot pri isl
interact w/IPL? yes

ISL>hpux -lm

Here you can extend the root file system.


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Re: extend the root file system

Try the link below from the ITRC forum

If you would like to download ignite, which is probably the best bet to extend ur root file system follow the link below


Pete Randall
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Re: extend the root file system

LVM maintenance mode is not going to help you in this. The problem is that the /stand, swap and / (the root file system), all need to be contiguous. In order to increase /, you would have to move the lvol containing /home.

The easiest way to do this is to make an ignite backup tape, boot off it and resize your root logical volumes at that point.


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Re: extend the root file system


You can not extend as there is no contigous space available for extending the root volume !

Ignite is the best and safe. Still if you wanna do some LVM tasks, I have documented how to increase /stand in the following thread. With some slight modifications u can use it for root filesystem as well. I have tested and it works fine !


Here i have adjusted the size of SWAP a bit so that it could be successfully added to the /stand filesystem ... As you have root filesystem it is more simple as you may have /var or /opt to be moved a little further and then increase root filesystem.

The Logic is as follows

1. Goto LVM Maintanance Level
2. Find out the next lvol after root lvol
3. Create a similier one somewhere else in the rootvg and create fs on it.
4. Transfer the data to the new filesystem
5. Remove the old filesystem and lvol.
6. You will have contigous space for extending root lvol now !
7. Extend it and resize the filesystem with extendfs
8. Compensate the /etc/fstab as you have changed the device file !
9. Update BOOT,ROOT,SWAP and dump definitions using lvlnboot

REBOOT !!!!!

This is really interesting ... why don't you try this after taking an ignite backup ? If u do a mistake u can always go back to your ignite !

Notes :- This method will save lots of time ! BUUUUUT never go for this first time w/o a proper backup !!!!!


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Lorenzo Facello
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Re: extend the root file system

I think you have to make an ignite
make_tape_recovery -A
stop the boot
type search
(choose the tape to go up)
interact with IPL - type no

after some minuts -pay attention
becouse you have to type enter to stop
the batch-mode installation...
now you can select - Install hp-ux
and change the size of /

Hope this Helps
Sanjiv Sharma_1
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Re: extend the root file system


Please check this document:
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hp admin
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Re: extend the root file system

Thank you all for your responses.

I'll try the last propositions, because if the station is the principale server I prefer extend its root file system without shutdown it.