extending /stand

Mario E Mira
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extending /stand

What are the requirements for a succesful lvextend on /stand?
I know I have to go single user mode but Iam having a strange problem with it. Anytime I tried to extended it it comes back and tells me a known fact that it is
contiguos and there is not enough fre PE's but I have space
available on vg00.

Pete Randall
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Re: extending /stand


The contiguous part is what's getting you. Because /stand needs to be contiguous and there are no free extents immediatley following the existing /stand, you're unable to extend it. The answer in this case, is to make an Ignite backup tape, boot off it, and reinstall your vg00, re-sizing your root lvols during the process. Ignite can be obtained here:http://www.software.hp.com/products/IUX/index.html


Robert-Jan Goossens
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Re: extending /stand


There is a very good document on the hp side,


Using Ignite-UX to extend /stand or / filesystem?
document id: VIKBRC00010528

S.K. Chan
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Re: extending /stand

Root, /stand and primary swap have to be contiguous, hence extending /stand is impossible if you're treating it like any other logical volume. Using ignite's make_tape_recovery is the ideal way. There is a procedure which I've tested (thanks to Wodisch) and seems to work pretty well. See this thread ..
However don;t do it if you're not sure.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: extending /stand

I you are really the adventure admin, you could boot off the Core CD,

mount /stand
create another HFS filesystem.

back up /stand

lvremove /stand

lvcreate -C y /dev/vg00/stand

lvextend it

newfs -F hfs /dev/vg00/rstand

I myself however do it with Ignite as noted above.

Zero points please.

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James A. Donovan
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Re: extending /stand

If you're primary swap partition is lvol2 (which is typical in a "Instant Ignited" box), you could create a new primary swap partition. After that you remove lvol2 and extend lvol1 into the freed space. Viola, /stand is extended.

heck...even if lvol2 isn't your primary swap, you could still move whatever's there to a new partition and then extend lvol1
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Kevin Wallace
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Re: extending /stand

Another option is to create an additional "copy" of vg00. We call it vgaroot. Create all vg00 file systems on vgaroot with new sizes. Copy vg00 to vgaroot. Edit /etc/fstab as needed. Boot to vgaroot. Rebuild vg00 to the sizes you want. Copy vgaroot to vg00. Edit /etc/fstab as needed. Boot back to vg00. Of course, have a make_recovery in your back pocket just in case. We recopy and test vgaroot before all patch activity.
Good luck!