fsadm and SAM

Alec B. Toting
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fsadm and SAM

hi hope someone can help me on this. heres my situation.

i have a file system "/u05"
on vxfs. I wanted to convert it to handle large files so
i did a umount /u05 and fsadm -F vxfs -o largefiles /dev/vg05/lvol1

i get this error "vxfs fsadm: /dev/xpvg10/lvol1 is not the root inode of a vxfs file sytem"

then i tried using SAM to convert /u05 to largefiles..
SAM-> disks n filesystems -> filesystems -> action -> modify - allow large files and it worked! i was wondering what specific command SAM used to make the conversion possible.

thanks in advance
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Giada Bonfà
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Re: fsadm and SAM


You don't have to umount the file system.
You should just do:

fsadm -Fvxfs -o largefiles /u05

good luck
Donald Kok
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Re: fsadm and SAM


the error and the command mention a different vg. was this a typo?
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Tom Geudens
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Re: fsadm and SAM

To see what sam did, check /var/sam/log/samlog

Hope you'll find it,
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john korterman
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Re: fsadm and SAM

I think I once got the same error and tried specifying the raw device insted: in your case it would have been /dev/vg05/rlvol1,
but you can check what sam did by looking in:/var/sam/log/samlog

However, when you have converted a filesystem to "largefiles" then check that your mount options for the filesystem are ok in /etc/fstab; it should say "largefiles" instead of "nolargefiles" for the file system in question, else it cannot be mounted again, e.g. when you boot.

John K.

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T G Manikandan
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Re: fsadm and SAM

The nolargefiles option in the /etc/fstab is over-riding.

Please change that to largefiles

KO kwang tae

Re: fsadm and SAM

when you are changing to largefiles, i think you have to umount, unless installing ONline JFS.

check inode use rate

# glance -t

# bdf -i

if you use more than 100% inode, change kernel parameter :inode
Jeff Carlin
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Re: fsadm and SAM

Hopefully by now you have already got your answer. Otherwise you are missing the "r" for the raw device in the lv_path. Your command should look like this:

fsadm -Fvxfs -o largefiles /dev/vg05/rlvol1

I know, fsadm should really tell you that the device is a block device instead of some criptic "root inode" error.

To verify your change, use the command:

fsadm -Fvxfs /dev/vg05/rlvol1

you should see "largefiles".

Remember to change your /etc/fstab and include "largefiles" on the line for this filesystem.

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Paul Sperry
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Re: fsadm and SAM

Changing the largefiles flag may require changes to /etc/fstab. For
example, if fsadm is used to set the largefiles flag, but nolargefiles
is specified as a mount option in /etc/fstab, the files system is not
Suresh Patoria
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Re: fsadm and SAM


You sure about the Volume Group beacuse you mention vg05

By default root logical volume lvol1 lies in /dev/vg00

pls check this then try the fsadm command

can you put the bdf output pls