fsadm hangs during resize

romano r
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fsadm hangs during resize

I've a B2000 machine with UX11i, and online JFS.
Thoday I resized 2 file system, with the 1st one (test FS) I had no problems. With the 2nd one (productive) seem something is hanged, here the steps I followed:
1- fsadm -F vxfs -d -D -e -E /Shipped_orders
2- fsadm -F vxfs -b 5120000 /Shipped_orders
vxfs fsadm: /dev/vg00/rlvol12 is currently 15360000 sectors - size will be reduced
vxfs fsadm: allocations found in shrink range, moving data

The original size is 15 GB, and since this message nothing seems happened in 6 hours, the ps shows:
root 18649 18631 0 08:12:52 pts/1 00:00 -sh
root 19478 18649 0 10:15:13 pts/1 00:00 fsadm -F vxfs -b 5120000 /Shipped_orders
root 19479 19478 0 10:15:13 pts/1 00:19 fsadm -b5120000 /Shipped_orders

and at the same time vxsvc jobs:
root 1590 1 0 Oct 13 ? 01:41 /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvc -r /etc/vx/isis/Registry
root 19496 1590 0 10:24:14 ? 00:00 sh -c /bin/df -k | /bin/awk '{ print $1 }'
root 19497 19496 0 10:24:14 ? 00:00 /usr/bin/pwd

top show fsadm not running:
pts/1 19479 root 138 20 2108K 360K sleep 0:19 0.06 0.06 fsadm

There are othe malfunctioning eg: man hang and could not be killed.

Could be that this resize requires several hours, but from lines I reported seems that something is hanged. If kill fsadm the File system will be corrupted? Any other idea?

Thank you

Mark Grant
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Re: fsadm hangs during resize

I really don't suggest you do this but I killed fsadm when it was having this problem once before and the filesystem was fine.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: fsadm hangs during resize

You are probably trying to reduce the filesystem too much.

Kill fasadm, try a smaller reduction or backup, rebuild to desired size and restore the data after the fact.

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Pete Randall
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Re: fsadm hangs during resize


And - double check that you've got a good backup.

The most often successful way of resizing file systems requires defragmenting them first, using "fsadm -F vxfs -d -D -e -E /mount_point".


romano r
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Re: fsadm hangs during resize

Thank you all,
I killed the fsadm processes, but unfortunately things ketting wrong I cannot access the File system adn also still have the "strange behavior" of the system also in other lvol.
I hate top thing to reboot the machine.
Any suggestion
Todd McDaniel_1
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Re: fsadm hangs during resize

If you can umount and run fsck that may help as well. to straighten out your FS.
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