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hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

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hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

Hi all,
i m newbie to hp-ux.
For one of my project, i booted an hp-ux 11.31 IA64 system using minimum IINSTALL OS image.
If my root is on LVM, using "mkboot", i can successfully boot the system on reboot. But if my root is on VxVM, on next boot it can't boot from proper disk and i have to boot using EFI shell. When i use "setboot" for that, for first boot, i need to use EFI shell and afterward it works fine for next reboots.
I have total 3 disks on the same machine.
Plz help me..........
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Re: hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

check setboot -v :
check entry of your boot disk entry are in /stand/bootconf.

if you send us more info then it will help to locate your problem,

#setboot -v
#vgdisplay -v vg00
#any error you can see while booting related to the disk.


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Re: hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

I can see only one issue,

setboot entries, you may be messing up primary path, alternate path for boot disk.

After server comes up check the correct disk and set the correct path in setboot and try to reboot.

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Re: hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

thank you very much for reply.
sending some required info.

Out of 3 disks i have, disk with disk path 0/1/1/0.1.0 (c2t1d0) is correct disk.

1) While booting, the specific error i get is:-
Scsi(Pun1,Lun0) HP 146 GST3146707LC HPC1 (320 MBytes/sec)
Loading.: HP-UX Primary Boot: 0/1/1/0.0x1.0x0
Load of HP-UX Primary Boot: 0/1/1/0.0x1.0x0 failed: Not Found
Press any key to continue

2) my setboot -v output is:-
# setboot -v
Primary bootpath : 0/1/1/0.0x1.0x0 (/dev/rdisk/disk4)
HA Alternate bootpath :
Alternate bootpath : 0/1/1/0.0x1.0x0 (/dev/rdisk/disk4)

Autoboot is ON (enabled)
/etc/setboot_tests: No such file or directory

3) As my root is under VxVM, vgdisplay output is:-
# vgdisplay -v vg00
vgdisplay: /etc/lvmtab: No such file or directory
vgdisplay: No volume group name could be read from "/etc/lvmtab".

# cat /etc/fstab
/dev/root / hfs defaults,dev=9f00200 0 1
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Re: hp-ux system not booting for VxVM


EFI Bootcode points to incorrect block of the disk, so the boot services terminates.

How to do it:
1. After server restart using EFI enter in "boot option maintenance menu"
2. select "add boot option"
3. select partition written like "IA64 EFI [Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|0)/Scsi(Pun0,Lun0)....]
4. message like "select file or change directory" will appear
5. using narrow keys select directory and enter inside
6. there you'll see file called HPUX.efi - select it and hit Enter. Maybe i'm wrong on the location, but using the menu's try to find HPUX.efi
7. you'll be asked for confirmation to save the new option to NVRAM - accept it
than navigate to the starting EFI menu where boot devices are listed and there will be option HPUX or similar - just hit enter on it.
That's the alternative path - adding the boot option of HP-UX again.

Source :-


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Re: hp-ux system not booting for VxVM

Also, i forgot to add one point here:-
I use "vxbootsetup" command instead of mkboot for root under VxVM.

command is:-
/usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxbootsetup -g rootdg rootdisk01