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LVM and VxVM
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location vgarea and pvarea under lvm 2.x

Dan Askew
Occasional Contributor

location vgarea and pvarea under lvm 2.x

I have a script that I can run on lvm 1.0 machines that identfies every disk on the system ...what volume group they are in and then groups by pvarea (pvid) ....I use this to find old forgotten disk on the systems ...


the problem is under lvm2.x I cannot find the area(s) 


anyone find where thay are located ...

dan askew
Honored Contributor

Re: location vgarea and pvarea under lvm 2.x

check if the disk is using lvm: 

xd -An -j8192 -N8 -tc $disk | tr -d " \t"

The result will be LVMREC01or LVMREC02. 


for lvm2 use:

For the PVID, use:

    xd -An -j8208 -N17 -tc $disk

For the VGID, use:

    xd -An -j8344 -N17 -tc $disk
Windows?, no thanks