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lvreduce with MC/Service Guard

Gaston Van camp_1
Occasional Visitor

lvreduce with MC/Service Guard

I have to reduce a logical volume on my production system and I used also
MC/SG. (HP-UX 10.20)
I have never do that.
What are the commands to be execute to avoid any problems.
Thanks for help.
Fernando Santana
Frequent Advisor

Re: lvreduce with MC/Service Guard

Hi, If there is a file system on that LV, you should
back it up before anything. Having OnlineJFS you can
reduce a filesystem on the fly. Sometimes, OnlineJFS
fails to reduce filesystems. If it fails the first
time try, defragging it, ie. #fsadm -e /FSName. Next,
try reducing again (#fsadm -b ((NewsizeMB*1024))/FSName ;lvreduce -L NewsizeMB

Without OnlineJFS and if you have a FS on that LV,
backup your data, umount the FS, lvreduce -f -L NewsizeMB LVName, recreate the
FS (newfs -F FStype rLVName) and restore your data.

Since you're not changing characteristics on your
LVM configuration, you don't have to worry about export/import this VG to your
failover system/s eventhough this may be a shared VG, ie. exclusively activated
by MC-Service Guard.