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problems in backing up snap volumes

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problems in backing up snap volumes

Hi Experts,

I am facing a problem in backing up the veritas snapshot volumes. There is a script created to start the backups whichmounts the snap volumes on the server. After backup we need to remove the snap volume. This means this volume is permanent on the server.

Now while initiating the backup I am getting an error that empty directory backed up, even though the snap is mounted.

How can I resolve this issue. I am using the following command to backup the data in the script.

omnib -device 'HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_cfcsma' -filesystem cfcapps1:/appbackup appbackup -tree /appbackup/$bkup_filename -pool Primary_Copy -compress
omnib -datalist T24Snap
omnib -device 'HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_cfcsma' -filesystem cfcapps1:/appbackup appbackup -tree /appbackup/$bkup_filename -pool Duplicate_Pool -compress
omnib -datalist T24Snap_Dup

Thanks in advance.