pseudo disk driver

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pseudo disk driver

I plan to write a pseudo disk driver for my in-house experimentation. It is a block driver which read & writes to a file in a file system (ramdisk with a persistent cache). But neither ramdisk nor my pesudo disk driver works with LVM. LVM keeps cribbing that pvcreate can be done only on the whole disk. I understand that LVM is looking at the bus/device tree and finds that my pseudo disk is not a disk. In order to get my pseudo disk to work with lvm do i need to make it a scsi-class driver? I plan to get rid of the block driver and instead write a scsi-disk driver albeit a pseudo driver. Can anyone suggest if this is right approach and do'able or is there a better way?
Steven E. Protter
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Re: pseudo disk driver

Shalom hpux driver,

LVM is made to work with disks it understands. It does not understand, nor was it programmed to understand your unique setup.

I don't think what you are doing is doable, you'd need to work outside lvm with whole disk configuration. Thats my suggestion. I've never done a whole disk setup, but if the system recognizes your disk its worth an experiement.

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