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any can u tell me what kind of suituation need to use the pvmove command. Give some eamable.
Jayakrishnan G Naik
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Re: pvmove

Hi Abu,

In case if you need to replace your disk having some bad blocks or if you want to replace your pv with a larger one, you can move the entire extends in the pv to be replaced to the new PV. Then you can remove the pv from vg and detach it physically.

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Jayakrishnan G Naik

P Arumugavel
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Re: pvmove

hi abu,

If a disk has some bad blocks or going to be faied and you can still read the data from the disk, you can move the data to another disk by moving physical extents to anther physical volue.

PVMOVE command moves the entire physical extents on the disk to another disk or logical volumes and certain logical extents of a logical volume to another physical volume. So that you can free up that physical disk and remove from the volumegroup by using vgreduce command.

pvmove command will complete if the destination disk has enough space to accept all physical extents you move from the source disk.

Find the attached man page of pvmove for more information.

Benoy Daniel
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Re: pvmove

You can use it during storage migration as well. Add new luns to VG and do a PV move.
Anoop Sivan
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Re: pvmove

Hello Abu,

I have used pvmove command some of the situations below

1. Need to extend primary swap root or boot partision, used pvmove to move the lv's to any free PV and extend(online jfs is required)

2. Any lvm hot spot is found by sar -d

move the lv from the overloaded PV to a free PV.

3. As mentioned earlier posts if a disks is going to fail
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Re: pvmove