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recreate swap device


recreate swap device

Hi sysadmins!


My question is, do you think is possible to recreate the primary swap device on maintenance mode?


I have 2 extents stale on primary drive for that lv and the drive have been already replaced...


goes like this:



 00260      0             00285 current       1             00285 stale
   00261      0             00286 stale         1             00286 current
   00262      0             00287 current       1             00287 stale
   00263      0             00288 current       1             00288 stale





Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: recreate swap device

That might work.  It would have to be LVM maintenance mode if it would work at all.  It is not something i have ever tried.


Have you tried doing an 'lvsync /dev/vg00/lvol2' to see if you can sync the stale extents?