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Re: root mirror - persistent naming

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root mirror - persistent naming

Hi All,

Can you please let me know the steps on mirroring the root disk in 11iv3 using persistent naming.

I am aware of the steps for v1 and v2.

I have gone through the doc "When good disks go bad", but could NOT find any procedure that deals with persistent disk names, it has procedure for legacy names. Can we use legacy name as in earlier versions (v1 and v2) or is there any special recommendation.

I would appreciate the same
melvyn burnard
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Re: root mirror - persistent naming

you can use the Legacy names, or the persistent names.
It is all documented in the HP-UX 11iv3 manual set, specifically:
read from page 117 onwards
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Re: root mirror - persistent naming

Thanks a lot Melvyn,

That was what I was exactly searching for.