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/sbin/vxumount -o force doesn't work

Geoff Wild
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/sbin/vxumount -o force doesn't work

Someone messed up one of our systems.


Storage admin yanked a lun from a VG that had a file system mounted.


The file system is no longer still shows mounted and that causes issues for monitoring scripts that try to do a bdf on it (they hang).


The storage admin put the disk back, but, what's reall strange is, the vg isn't in the lvmtab file!


# vgdisplay -v vgdrtest01
--- Volume groups ---
VG Name /dev/vgdrtest01
VG Write Access read/write
VG Status available
Max LV 511
Cur LV 1
Open LV 1
Max PV 511
Cur PV 1
Act PV 1
Max PE per PV 64
PE Size (Mbytes) 256
Total PE 63
Alloc PE 59
Free PE 4
Total PVG 0
Total Spare PVs 0
Total Spare PVs in use 0
VG Version 2.0
VG Max Size 16g
VG Max Extents 64

--- Logical volumes ---
LV Name /dev/vgdrtest01/lvdrtest01
LV Status available/syncd
LV Size (Mbytes) 15104
Current LE 59
Allocated PE 59
Used PV 1

--- Physical volumes ---
PV Name /dev/dsk/c55t0d2
PV Status unavailable
Total PE 63
Free PE 4
Autoswitch On
Proactive Polling On


# diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c55t0d2
SCSI describe of /dev/rdsk/c55t0d2:
vendor: DGC
product id: CX3-80WDR5
type: direct access
size: 16777216 Kbytes
bytes per sector: 512


Ioscan shows it is available as well.


# mount |grep lvdrtest01
/drsctest01 on /dev/vgdrtest01/lvdrtest01 ioerror=mwdisable,largefiles,delaylog,dev=80000001 on Wed Nov 21 16:36:11 2012


# vgchange -a n vgdrtest01
vgchange: Couldn't deactivate volume group "vgdrtest01":
Device busy


Well yes - of course.


But doing 

# /sbin/vxumount -o force /drsctest01

Just sits there...


[ /etc ]# ls -al lvmt*
-rw------- 1 root sys 343012 Apr 10 12:58 lvmtab
-rw------- 1 root sys 293356 Feb 13 2011 lvmtab.old
-rw------- 1 root sys 2248 Nov 21 16:36 lvmtab_p


[ /etc ]# strings lvmtab_p
A0000000000000011Wed Nov 21 00:53:37 2012707a5b2b-9dd2-11db-930d-4fe8e922509d


That's where it exists.

I'm guessing someone decided to mv the existing lvmtab out of the way, then cp lvmtab_p to lvmtab, then do a dr test...move everything back, but forgot to umount the file system.


Anyways...this is a backup server and we want to avoid a reboot - but I can't see any other way.




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Re: /sbin/vxumount -o force doesn't work

I don't know if just found the answer. Probably yes, but I think we should answer in case anyone else reads this post.


The vxumount will not deactivate the Volume Group. After execute vxumount, just deactivate the VG with vgchange.


It is recommended to use vxumount only if you cannot find any process with fuser or lsof.


Also is very recomendable that if you have used vxumount, remove and recreate the mount point.


vxumount -o force /drsctest01
rmdir /drsctest01
mkdir /drsctest01



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Re: /sbin/vxumount -o force doesn't work

> what's reall strange is, the vg isn't in the lvmtab file!


According to vgdisplay output, this is a LVM version 2.0 volume group. In that case, the VG information is not in /etc/lvmtab, but in /etc/lvmtab_p instead. The new version uses a new LVM metadata format, so a different file is used.

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Re: /sbin/vxumount -o force doesn't work

You can see this in vgdisplay already:



vgdisplay -v ...


VG Version 2.0


Hope this helps!

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