scsimgr set_devid

David Dilly
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scsimgr set_devid


Does this command work on all storage array :

scsimgr set_devid -C disk -I 7 "LabelName"


scsimgr get_devid -C disk -I 7

or is it dependents on the storage array ?

thanks a lot.
Ismail Azad
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Re: scsimgr set_devid

Hi David,

The device identifier can be set with scsimgr and any system accessing the device can identify the LUN by the device identifier as long as it is set on that system.

Apparently the set_devid option does not work on all storage arrays and works only on the arrays that support the option.

From the scsimgr guide...

" User-friendly device identifiers can only be set for devices supporting the SET DEVICE IDENTIFIER and REPORT DEVICE IDENTIFIER SCSI commands."

Ismail Azad
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Re: scsimgr set_devid

Hi Dave,

just have a case open where retrieving a scsi device id is not possible on an EVA-4400 with FW 9534 although it doesn't return an error while setting it ("get_devid" just returns a null string).

Aparently it is an EVA FW issue.