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should i required to /etc/lvmtab

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should i required to /etc/lvmtab

I am replacing a disk drive that has failed.

Should I move the /etc/lvmtab file out of the way and do
a vgscan to re-create the lvmtab file?

i am very new to this . please bear with me

Radhakrishnan Venkatara
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Re: should i required to /etc/lvmtab


this is some thing to be under stood also.

No, although moving the /etc/lvmtab file out of the way and doing a
vgscan to re-create the lvmtab file is done by some people in any
LVM situation, this statergy is incorrect. Often these steps will
make the situation worse, as in the case of replacing a failed disk.

Generally, there are only three situations that warrant recreation
of the lvmtab file:

- the original file is corrupt.

- There is no vgcfgbackup (mostly HP-UX 9.X).

- The vgcfgbackup is corrupt.

In the case of a disk drive going bad and being replaced, it's very
important to keep the original /etc/lvmtab file intact.

Use these steps when an LVM disk fails:

1. Power system down.

2. Replace disk.

3. Boot system.

4. Restore LVM information to the new disk:

vgcfgrestore -n /dev/vg /dev/rdsk/device

5. Re-activate the VG:

vgchange -a y /dev/vg

If the drive was mirrored, then no other steps are necessary. If
it was not mirrored, then you may have to restore the filesystems

Note: If you had moved the /etc/lvmtab file and created a new one
before using vgcfgrestore to restore to the new disk, then
the lvmtab file will not have the new disk, thus causing

hope this will help u.

have a nice day

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Re: should i required to /etc/lvmtab

To replace faulty disk.

Assume that the disk belong to vg03 and the disk is /dev/dsk/c9t9d0.


1) Halt the system
2) Replace the disk
4) vgcfgrestore -n vg03 /dev/dsk/c9t9d0
5) vgchange -a y vg03

if you got mirror do vgsync.

note:don't do anything to your /etc/lvmtab

hope this help

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Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: should i required to /etc/lvmtab

No. you don't require to move lvmtab.
you just have to run vgcfgrestore after replacing disk.

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Con O'Kelly
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Re: should i required to /etc/lvmtab


If you have a support contract with HP then you can get a copy of the "HP-UX Software Recovery Handbook" on the ITRC. Chp 7 on LVM provides excellent procedures for replacing failed disks in all situations (eg root, mirrored, hot swappable etc).