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vg automount

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vg automount


We set AUTO_VG_ACTIVATE=0 in /etc/lvmrc

Because of the above setting,

When we reboot a server..vg00 ofcourse will be mounted..


No additional VG, FS will be mounted

We need to mount non-VG00 VGs manually


hpux 11.31

 these are not shared vgS


What we would like to happen is :


Vg11 – disk11 – need to mount automatically upon reboot

Vg22 – disk22 – we dont want this to mount automatically upon reboot

Vg33 – disk33– we dont want this to mount automatically upon reboot



How can we achieve this?

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: vg automount

The /etc/lvmrc file contains a section for custom VG activation.  You can specify there to automatically activate your VG11.


If you look in the file you should see a section with a heading "custom_vg_activation()" and then some examples (commented lines) and a "return 0" statement.


Put your "vgchange -a y /dev/vg11" on a line right above the "return 0" statement.

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Re: vg automount

thank you very much

the VG I entered in /etc/lvmrc was auto activated upon reboot

the other VGs remain un activated


This worked even for secondary swapVG (I entered this information too in lvmrc file)


secondary swap VG got auto activated and secondary swap was ON automatically after the reboot


thanks again