vg00 spaces

Adel Hosny
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vg00 spaces

hpux 11.11 installed in K-class on HASS .
HASS consistes of 4 HD each one 4.3GB . Total space 16GB. files systems space in hpux about 6 GB and swap 2.5GB . when i wanted to extend /opt to 6 GB hpux tolled me that no enough space. where is the free space ?
vgdisplay appers that free PE 637. in last disk and other disk are full.
sujit kumar singh
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Re: vg00 spaces

yes this warning may be due to the fact that /opt is on an LV that might be defined with contiguous policy and does not have free contiguous space just after itself.

could u please post further the O/P of the following:

#vgdisplay -v
#lvdisplay -v | more

the first page of the lvdislay for that LV O/p
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Re: vg00 spaces

If the default PE size of 4 MB was used, you have about 2.5 GB free in that VG. Some of your disks may be allocated to another VG (which may or may not be active at the moment) or remain unallocated.

If MirrorDisk is used, your data requires 2x the space, which would seem to be about right for your situation. However, 637 free PE in _one_ disk only suggests that there is at least one LV which has not been mirrored; maybe that's the swap?

Run "vgdisplay -v vg00" and show us the output if you need a more detailed analysis.

sujit kumar singh
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Re: vg00 spaces

Hi Adel,

rightly ifu have free spacein the VG obviously u can use it provided that do not have the following restrictions:

1) the LV that u are trying to extend is not Cintigous in Definition od Allocation Policy and that there is no free space just at the End of the LV. LIke say LV lvol2 is Contiguous and just in the PE where lvol2 ends u have lvol3 starting.

In this case u will not able to extend lvol2.

2)the other case is that u really do not have enuf free PEs .For example if lvol4 say is non-contiguous and has LV size of 400 MB but has a mirror. That means that it is consuming 800 MB of spae in the VG. Also for such type of mirrored LVs when u extend them using lvextend by say 200 MB u will need to have actually 400 MB free in the VG to make this extension possible beecause this will extend the LV as well as its mirror also.


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Re: vg00 spaces

Are the disk mirrored

# lvdisplay /dev/vg00/lvol7

Replace the lvol7 with appropriate lvolname of /opt

Mirror Copies

If 1 then it is mirrored
If 0 then it is not mirrored
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