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Re: vgdisplay: Couldn't query volume group "vg00".


vgdisplay: Couldn't query volume group "vg00".

Hi Guru's,

I recently tried to restore from an Ignite Backup but unfortunately it didn't went successful.

Strange thing is that while I was able to boot up from my primary disk normally all of a sudden I can no longer query my root VG.

[root@jupiter]:/>vgdisplay vg00
vgdisplay: Couldn't query volume group "vg00".
Possible error in the Volume Group minor number; Please check and make sure the group minor number is unique.
vgdisplay: Cannot display volume group "vg00".

I already checked if I have a VG with a similar minor number but there is none.

Just read a similar issue of this kind here at ITRC but the solution given to the forumer was an ITRC document that is no longer present in this forum(maybe its tool old already).

Also, make_tape_recovery is now failing because of this problem as well.