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I have a server running with hp-ux 11.11. We intend to move the data which is on a san to a new server running hp-ux 11.31. Are there any known issues regarding to the vgexport on the 11.11 server and then the vgimport on the new server running 11.31 ?
Is it straight on ?
Regarding to the vgimport can I immediatly use the persistent device files on the 11.31 server?
James R. Ferguson
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Re: vgexport/vgimport


There are no issues with exporting and importing the volume groups nor should there be using the new persistent device files.


Ganesan R
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Re: vgexport/vgimport


Since 11.31 supports both legacy and persistant device files you do not have any issue to import the VG
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Re: vgexport/vgimport

No.. no known issues.

Only issue while upgrading.

Satisfy yourself by looking at the below link

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Sajjad Sahir
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Re: vgexport/vgimport

Dear Ruud

There is no issue, make map files and import in second server.

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Sajjad Sahir
Emil Velez
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Re: vgexport/vgimport

The filesystem structure on the disks should be vxfs version 4 or 3.5 so it should successfully mount on 11.31.

LVM is compatible for vgimport and vxvm should be able to import a older disk group.
Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: vgexport/vgimport

>>Regarding to the vgimport can I immediatly use the persistent device files on the 11.31 server?<<

Are you able to see same disks on (11.31)
coresponding to (hpux 11.11) .?



vgexport -pvs -m /dev/vgxx

Copy the mapfile to the other node

Recreate the directory
>>>>mkdir -p /dev/vgxx

Recreate the VG group file
>>>mknod /dev/vgxx/group c 64 0xMM0000
where MM is a unique identifier (ex 01 for vg01)

Preview the vgimport to check for any possible error
>>>>vgimport -pvs -m /dev/vgxx
where mapfile is the one copied from the first node

If no error, remove the preview mode
>>>>vgimport -vs -m /dev/vgxx
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