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vgextend Max_PE_per_PV error

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vgextend Max_PE_per_PV error

Getting below error while doing vgextend. I am having HPUX 11.31; want to increase either max_pe_per_pv or PE size paratmeter online, is it possible?


vgextend: Warning: Max_PE_per_PV for the volume group (2303) too small for this PV (2457).
         Using only 2303 PEs from this physical volume.

Patrick Wallek
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Re: vgextend Max_PE_per_PV error

You can try using the 'vgmodify' command.  See 'man vgmodify' for details.


To increase the max_pe_per_pv values you can try something like:


vgmodify -e 4000 -n /dev/vg02


to increase the max pe per pv to 4000.


There are other useful examples in the man page as well.

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Re: vgextend Max_PE_per_PV error



In order to use vgmodify you need to have LVM version 2. With the command lvmadm -l you can see the version of all your VG. If you have VG in version 1.x, you need to migrate (you need 20Mb aprox in each PV)


vgchange -a n <vg>

vgversion -v -V 2.2 <vg>

 vgchange -a y <vg>


And then ypu can use the command vgmodify -e



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Re: vgextend Max_PE_per_PV error

It works with version 1 too.



Hope this helps!

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