vgimport warning message

curt larson_1
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vgimport warning message

when ever i do a vgimport i get these warning messages:

vgimport: warning: volume group belongs to different cpu id
can not determine if volume group is in use on another system. continuing.

I get this message everytime I do a vgimport. I get this even when doing a vgexport vg01 and the next command line doing a vgimport vg02 dev. I mean the discs aren't moved, not disconnected, not even turned off and I still get this message.

It doesn't seem like this warning is appropriate for that situation. So, I'm wondering if this "normal" behavior, or I'm i behind a patch or two, or ?.

curtis larson
Michael Steele_2
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Re: vgimport warning message

Don't use the -s option, specify each disk.
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A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: vgimport warning message

This is just a warning. It typically occurs when the VG was created on another host and imported. The systemid is actually written on the reserved area's of the PV's so turning the computer off has no effect.
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S.K. Chan
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Re: vgimport warning message

What's the actual command that you used for the vgexport and vgimport ?
Is this related to your previous unresolved thread ..,,0xb7679c196a4bd71190080090279cd0f9,00.html
curt larson_1
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Re: vgimport warning message

the actual commands were:
vgexport -m /tmp/map vg01
vgimport -m /tmp/map vg01 /dev/dsk/c1t5d0 /dev/dsk/c1t5d0

-s option wasn't used

I understand the cpu id is written into the vgra when the vg is created. But, is it only written when it is created and never modified? It would seem that would make using vgimport/vgexport less usable for moving discs from on system to another if the drive is always going to retain the cpu id of the system it was created on.

could this be related to a previous maybe, maybe not.

same system, same OS, no new patches, one hard drive was replaced, same person at the keyboard.

maybe not,
previous thread dealt with lvextend/lvremove. And I did provide my own resolution which was posted in the thread.
Sunil Sharma_1
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Re: vgimport warning message

Whenever Volume group being created it's writing it's cpu id on disks.
and when you run vgexport it's clear that cpu id but in this case cpu id is blank so command give an warning messages like this and it is very much normal behaviour of vgimport command.

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