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volboot file missing in HP-UX having Vxvm installed

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volboot file missing in HP-UX having Vxvm installed


we have a HP-UX 11iv3 server in which is running on vxvm(bootdg).


After reboot this server is showing volboot missing error.


System Console is on the Built-In Serial Interface
afinet_prelink: module installed
AF_INET socket/streams output daemon running, pid 46
Starting the STREAMS daemons-phase 1
Swap device table: (start & size given in 512-byte blocks)
entry 0 - major is 2, minor is 0x1; start = 0, size = 16777216
Starting vxconfigd in boot mode (pre_init_rc).
NOTICE: VxVM vxdmp V-5-0-34 added disk array DISKS, datype = Disk

VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: Volboot file not loaded
transactions are disabled.
VxVM vxconfigd FATAL ERROR V-5-1-946 Rootdg cannot be imported during boot
Error returned from vxconfigd -m boot, halting
ERROR: The configuration could not be locked. It may be in use by
another process.
Calling function e000000001835260 for Shutdown State 1 type 0x1

sync'ing disks (0 buffers to flush):
0 fcache pages still dirty
0 buffers not flushed
0 buffers still dirty
Calling function e0000000022d7530 for Shutdown State 5 type 0x1
Calling function e000000001acd030 for Shutdown State 5 type 0x1

Closing open logical volumes...



I tried to boot in vxvm maintainance mode(hpux -vm) as well as single user mode but getting same error.

On internet found out that it can be created again using below command in recovery mode

# vx_emerg_start -m hostname

 but not able to find the steps how to do ?


Ajay Agarwal
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Re: volboot file missing in HP-UX having Vxvm installed

To restore a missing or corrupted /etc/vx/volboot file

  1. Boot the system into maintenance mode.
  2.  Run vxconfigd in disabled mode:

    vxconfigd -m disable

  3.  Reinitialize the volboot file:

    vxdctl init hostid 

    vxdctl add disk sda privoffset=2144

  4.  Reset vxconfigd in boot mode:

    vxconfigd -kr reset -m boot

  5.  Use the following command to confirm that VxVM is running:

    vxdisk list


    sda sliced rootdisk bootdg online

    sdb sliced rootmir bootdg online

    sdc sliced - - error

  6.  Reboot the system.
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Re: volboot file missing in HP-UX having Vxvm installed

Thnx for the reply but my system even not able to boot in maintainance mode.

So i re-installed the server using ignite.