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Cobol and sockets

Ian Warner
Trusted Contributor

Cobol and sockets

I have been asked to see if we can access BSD sockets via Cobol programs. Can anyone point me to the correct manual/examples?.

Ta muchly

Ian Warner
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susan gregory_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Cobol and sockets

Hi Ian,
Officially you are not going to find any samples of how to call BSD sockets from COBOL since the only language officially supported on MPE for BSD sockets is Ansi C.
The manual for BSD sockets on MPE is at>Networking and Communications->
MPE/iX General Networking->Berkeley Sockets/iX Reference Guide, however all the samples are in C.
Mic V.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cobol and sockets


Here are some links that talk about calling non-COBOL programs: (it's scattered around)

Since it sounds like Berkeley sockets are not supported (I didn't verify this), you could be able to do it by writing the socket maniuplation stuff in C and calling them from COBOL.

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