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transact and vplus

transact and vplus


I have modified the field of comarea timeuser and term-option (bit 9-10 = 01) for enabled timeout in Vreadfields, but transact return de follow message of erros after of expire the timeout:

*ERROR: Internal error: Terminal read failed. (FSERR 0) (VPLUS, REA00, REAPRO)
[0.185] [RADIO3]

thank you for help me.
jose ramirez
Phil Hubbard
Frequent Advisor

Re: transact and vplus


Consider the following;
The problem may be that the COMSTATUS field in the Comarea is not being set to zero before proceeding.
VREADFIELDS will return the value 160
to the field COMSTATUS, which the application can use to decide how to proceed. If the field is not set to zero before calling another VPLUS intrinsic, the error will be processed by VPLUS, the error message will
be displayed, and the program will abort. In the VPLUS manual, Section 6, all the VPLUS intrinsics are documented. For every intrinsic, it states that the COMSTATUS field of the Comarea must be set to zero before calling the next intrinsic.

I hope this helps.
Cathlene Mc Rae

susan gregory_1
Valued Contributor

Re: transact and vplus

Are you using the TRANSACT GET(FORM) when doing the VREADFIELDS? I think the problem may be that the type of error returned from a timeout isn't something that TRANSACT is equipped to handle as a non-fatal error (you may need to find an enhancment request?).
You may want to try doing the VREADFIELDS with a PROC statement in case it does time out, then go back to the TRANSACT verbs for the other more "default" VPLUS type actions.