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AWK line grab

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Occasional Contributor

AWK line grab


I'm looking for an AWK solution for the following.
Using the below input file I would like to select a date (Mon-Fri) and then:

1. Print the current line
2. Print the next week day line (i.e. Mon-Fri) however if that day is a "XXX" line it must be the next day

Thanks in advance for any solutions.

Input file

01/01/2013:Tue :
02/01/2013:Wed :
03/01/2013:Thu :XXX
04/01/2013:Fri :
05/01/2013:Sat :
06/01/2013:Sun :
07/01/2013:Mon :
08/01/2013:Tue :
09/01/2013:Wed :
10/01/2013:Thu :
11/01/2013:Fri :XXX
12/01/2013:Sat :
13/01/2013:Sun :
14/01/2013:Mon :XXX
15/01/2013:Tue :
16/01/2013:Wed :
17/01/2013:Thu :
18/01/2013:Fri :
19/01/2013:Sat :

Sample desired output for 3 sample runs
Run #1
01/01/2013:Tue :
02/01/2013:Wed :

Run #2
04/01/2013:Fri :
07/01/2013:Mon :

Run #3
10/01/2013:Thu :
15/01/2013:Tue :

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: awk line grab

[ Edited ]

You've neglected to assign kudos and mark a solution to your previous awk query:


>I'm looking for an awk solution for the following.


Perhaps something like the following, where $select is your date.

awk -F: -v select=$select '
BEGIN { found_it = 0 }
# find next week day after select, skipping XXX days
found_it {
   if ($2 == "Sat " || $2 == "Sun ") next
   if ($3 == "XXX") next
   print $0
$1 == select {
   found_it = 1
   print $0
}' input-file

Occasional Contributor

Re: awk line grab

Thank you Dennis - a great reply.


I take it the 'fount_it' block is the equivalent of saying:




... and could follow the '$1 == select' block of code?


Thanks again.





Acclaimed Contributor

Re: awk line grab

[ Edited ]

>the found_it block is the equivalent of saying:  if (found_it==1)


More accurately: found_it != 0.


>could follow the "$1 == select" block of code?


Provided you don't have duplicate dates.


Also, it would be helpful to others to mark the the solution post with the Accept as Solution button.