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CORBA Help - omniORB 2.8 - JacORB 1.4.1 [Urgent]

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CORBA Help - omniORB 2.8 - JacORB 1.4.1 [Urgent]


I am writing a jacORB client (jacORB 1.4.1) to communicate over CORBA with an existing application using omniORB 2.8 (CORBA Server). The data to be sent is of the form of an Octet sequence. This jacORB client is meant to replace an existing omniORB 2.8 C++ client. The existing C++ application converts the data structure to be sent into a BLOB before being sent as an octet sequence to the server. To do this, it uses the MemBufferedStream class provided by omniORB2.8.
Now, my query is, is there an equivalent class available on Java for doing the same? Or, does anyone know what is the internal logic of this class, so that it can be ported to Java. Or has anyone implemented similar logic on Java?

Thanks in advance,