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How to map thread ids from gpm to pthread ids

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How to map thread ids from gpm to pthread ids


I'm currently debugging a process hang using
gpm. When I connect to the process and list its threads with the gpm process thread window, I get a list of thread ids. I'm need to map these thread ids to the thread ids inside the process as reported by pthread_self().

For this particular issue gdb cannot be used to examine the process because gdb hangs when attempting to connect to the process in the hung state, so I dump my own stack from inside the process using
U_STACK_TRACE() for each thread and report its thread id with pthread_self(). These numbers do not match.

Colin Florendo
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Re: How to map thread ids from gpm to pthread ids

Hi Colin Florendo,

i am not good on thread programming but i remember a link where u can find information:,2366,5944,00.html

sorry, if this is not what u want.
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