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Linker error while linking with STLPort

Occasional Contributor

Linker error while linking with STLPort


I have compiled STLPort 4.5.3 on HP-UX, PA-RISC (with small code changes)

When I am linking my own program with STL using .sl the binaries are getting built, however Using the .sl file when I use these binary. It gives me errors mentioned in: DOTSL_issues.txt

When I try to link my own program with STL using the .a, the linker throws the errors mentioned in DOTA_Issues.txt

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Linker error while linking with STLPort

You have only attached DOTA_Issues.txt. Was the number of errors with DOTSL_issues.txt, more or less?

You need to take one unsat and try to analyze it.
1) What is the source name:
namespace _STL {
template , _STL::_Eq_char_bound<_STL::char_traits>>
?? _M_read_unbuffered( ...)

2) Where is the reference:
first referenced in .../libstlport_aCC.a(istream.o))

3) Where should _M_read_unbuffered be defined?

Either is should be defined in every source that references _M_read_unbuffered. Or it should be defined in the file that explicitly instantiates _M_read_unbuffered on char and wchar_t. (Or has explicit specialization.)

Once you find what object should have that definition, you need to figure out why it isn't there.

What version of aC++ are you using? What compiler options did you use to make STLPort?