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Looking for aCC 10.36 depots

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Paul Cross_1
Respected Contributor

Looking for aCC 10.36 depots

I have a client requirement to install an ancient compiler on an equally ancient machine, but I'm having no luck at all finding the right depots. Does anyone out there have these, or can you point me to where I can obtain the right files?

The files I'm looking for are:
aCC 10.36
aCC 10.40

Much appreciated!
Honored Contributor

Re: Looking for aCC 10.36 depots

You can't download this freely now. But you can order it from HP. Below link provides some ideas; but it shows lower version than you looking for.

This bundle installs either of the following product versions:

HP C/aC++ version A.06.25 on HP Integrity servers.
HP aC++ version A.03.90 and HP C version B.11.11.22 on the PA-RISC-based systems.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Looking for aCC 10.36 depots

How ancient of an HP-UX version?
I've never seen aC++ with versions like that.
Versions go from A.00.00 to A.06.25.02.
The secret decoder ring lists them all:

Perhaps these were old cfront versions?
If so, you are out of luck.