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Problem linking with Flexlm library in Windows

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Problem linking with Flexlm library in Windows


I am working on a build of a proprietary software using Mingw (Gcc compiler) on windows. Our product uses Flexlm for licensing purposes.
Our build process has 2 parts: C build and CPP Build.
I was able to build our security module (C Build) using gcc by linking the module with flexlm library which had been built using VC++ compiler and the build is working fine.

Now in CPP build, i am facing a problem. When i link to the same flexlm library in CPP build, it gives an error of "undefined symbols". In this case, i am linking using g++. I get the following error:

"Cannot export LMGR326B_NULL_THUNK_DATA: symbol not found"

I am using the following linking options:
g++ -fPIC -shared -o output.dll obj1.o obj2.o -llmgr326b

THe Flexlm library name is: "lmgr326b.lib"

How can i build my module using the same flexlm library?

Thanks in advance




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Re: Problem linking with Flexlm library in Windows

Although this thread was started a long time ago, may I ask if you succeeded in linking your application against FlexLM using MingW?


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Dennis Handly
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Re: Problem linking with Flexlm library in Windows

Is this for HP-UX or Windows?


>The Flexlm library name is: "lmgr326b.lib"


Shlibs on HP-UX should end in .so or .sl.