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Procob compilation : NCG ERROR 5209

Luc Desjardins
New Member

Procob compilation : NCG ERROR 5209

Hello everyone,

At the company I'm working at we have a problem with the compilation of our COBOL sources in Oracle 8 (It seems). Here's our Setup :

UNIX version (uname -a, bronze being our server name):
HP-UX bronze B.11.11 U 9000/800 103444620 unlimited-user license

Oracle version:

We actually have two user for this machine, one is set up to use Oracle 7 and the other for Oracle 8.

To access these databases we are using Entera 4 Logical Servers (SQL, COBOL and C servers). These servers are then called using a dedicated DLL and entera-generated functions (Stubs) in Visual Basic.

We are now trying to get rid of Oracle 7 and go full Oracle 8, so therefore we are trying to move or Entera Servers from 7 to 8.

Everything works fine except the COBOL compilation under Oracle 8. More precisely, the same command:

cob -xe "RPCMAIN" -C IBMCOMP -C NESTCALL -x -g /upcdev/stubs/shn100_s.cbl /upcdev/source/shp7000.cob /upcdev/source/shp7001.cob -L/opt/entera/tcp/lib -lrpccobol -lrpc -lvoid +lcl -o /upcdev/bin/shn100.bin

where shn100_s.cbl is generated by Entera and the .cob are actual COBOL program where we execute SQL code.

This same command works perfectly under our Oracle 7 User, but not under our Oracle 8 User, even after making the Environment exactly the same (I launched an ENV command under the Oracle 7 user and used it to do an Export script so all the variable are the same in the Oracle 8 User).

Here's the screen log of when I attempt the compilation under he Oracle 8 user:

bronze:/upcdev/script=>cob -xe "RPCMAIN" -C IBMCOMP -C NESTCALL -x -g /upcdev/stubs/shn100_s.cbl /upcdev/source/shp7000.cob /upcde
v/source/shp7001.cob -L/opt/entera/tcp/lib -lrpccobol -lrpc -lvoid +lcl -o /upcdev/bin/shn100.bin
** Code generation error number 5209
cob: error(s) in code generation:

So my questions are:

1 - What is a 5209 error? (I found no data or documentation of this error code anywhere)
2 - What can be it's cause?

Any input or hint would be of course, greatly appreciated.

Luc Desjardins

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Procob compilation: NCG ERROR 5209

>1 - What is a 5209 error?  2 - What can be its cause?


Assuming this is the same code generator as HP's PA compilers:

5209 Cannot open object file %s (5209)
$    CAUSE:  The compiler could not open the object file.
$            This may be because:
$        (a) You do not have write permission in the group (on MPE/iX)
$            or directory (on HP-UX) that you are working in.
$        (b) You have run out of some physical disc space limits.
$    ACTION:
$        (a) Work in a group / directory in which you have write
$            permission, or get yourself write permission in the group / directory.
$        (b) Remove some unnecessary files to make room for your object file.