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Following various comments here I thought I would give Python a try, so I went to and tried to follow the instructions.

First it talks about an LD image, which is not a term I am familiar with. A search in this site does not help.

Anyway I downloaded two files, which were .gz instead of .zip. I ignored this discrepancy and used unzip which happily produced two .dsk files.

I then tried
ld connect JFPLIB0004A.DSK;1 lda1:
%LD-F-DETECTEDERR, Detected fatal error
-SYSTEM-W-NOSUCHDEV, no such device available

The suggested sytax is not valid
ld CONNECT jfplib0004{arch}.dsk lda1:
%LD-F-OPENERR, Unable to open file JFPLIB0004{ARCH}.DSK
-RMS-F-SYN, file specification syntax error

There are no results from
help ld

What am I doing wrong?

System OpenVMS V8.2

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Re: Python

I know nothing, but ...

> [...] so I went to
> and tried to follow the instructions.

Including the part where it says:

In the followings examples replace {arch} by i or a:

* a for an AXP architecture kits
* i for an Itanium architecture kits


> There are no results from
> help ld
> [...]
> System OpenVMS V8.2

You may need to fetch and install the LD kit
for your VMS version/architecture. (I
thought that it came with the OS these days,
but that may be V8.3 and up.)
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Re: Python

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Re: Python

> See this post

> [...] the name of the LD device may change
> after a reboot.

Around here, LD CONNECT lets you specify a
logical name, so that you don't need to worry
about which "physical" LD device it

alp $ ld version
%LD-I-VERSION, LD version V8.2, module X-8 built on Jun 29 2006 17:51:35
-LD-I-DRIVERVERSION, Driver version: 29-JUN-2006 18:18:50.92
-LD-I-SYSINFO, Node: ALP::, Hardware: COMPAQ Professional Workstation XP1000, VMS version: V8.3

LD is good stuff.
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Re: Python

and you get the latest LD Driver from
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Re: Python

Hello Mark,
run ld startup com procedure

On an 8.4 itanium box i tried , error messages were more meaningful and i was told to run this script. Pyhton runs fine on OpenVMS. I have faced issues with using sqlite3 though .

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Re: Python

Hi Lucifer


is the magic incantatation.

ld version does not work so I guess I have an old version of LD, but it seems good enough to run Python.

Now all I have to do is learn how to use it.
Many thanks.