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Query related to <cwchar> definitions in aCC 3.27 (without -AA option)

Occasional Contributor

Query related to <cwchar> definitions in aCC 3.27 (without -AA option)

I am compiling a project on HPUX 11 with aCC 3.27 compiler. For compatability issues, I have a requirement that I should not use the -AA flag.

The problem I am facing is that certain definitions (wint_t, fgetwc fgetws etc) in file (in /opt/aCC/include directory) are not visible in my code because of #ifdef _HP_NAMESPACE_STD. This directive is defined only when -AA option is turned on.

I have defined my own std namespace as turning off -AA option doesn't provide namespace support at all.

Can somebody advise me how to proceed ?

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Query related to <cwchar> definitions in aCC 3.27 (without -AA option)

The functions in wchar.h you mention may not exist unless you are on 11.11 or later.
<cwchar> eventually just includes <wchar.h>.