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Unsatisfied code symbol 'pthread_mutex_unlock' on HP-UX 11.00

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Unsatisfied code symbol 'pthread_mutex_unlock' on HP-UX 11.00

While starting a program that resquests FlexLM licenses on a production server I got:
/usr/lib/pa20_64/ Unsatisfied code symbol 'pthread_mutex_unlock' in load module '/apps/share/actran/2004/HP-UX/actran/bin/actran'.

The same binary on a similar development/tests system runs without problem. Production server is HP-UX B.11.00 U 9000/785 and Test is the same hw/os but production server is at QPK1100 B. (Quality Pack for HP-UX 11.00 (December 2000)) with no pthread-specific patch while Test is with QPK1100 B. (Quality Pack for HP-UX 11.00, September 2003) with pthread patch "Patch PHCO_23792: libpthreads cumulative patch".

Anyway, if I search for the specific symbol on Prod & Test systems I have the same results:
nm /lib/pa20_64/|grep "pthread_mutex_unlock"
[129] | 4611686018427450056| 0|FUNC |LOCAL|0| .text|__pthread_mutex_unlock
[399] | 4611686018427450056| 0|FUNC |WEAK |0| .text|pthread_mutex_unlock

So it seems that this symbol is present even without the PHCO_23792 patch on the problematic prod. system or is it htat dld doesn't loads the /lib/pa20_64/ shared library?
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Re: Unsatisfied code symbol 'pthread_mutex_unlock' on HP-UX 11.00

Run show_patches on the machine that is working and the machine that is not. Compare installed patches between the two. Do not limit your search to just the pthread patch as this error might also display if other patches are missing, such as libc, ld, etc.

Also, on the machine that is not working, run check_patches and read the swagent.log. You might have a patch that is installed but is in the incorrect state or missing a dependency. check_patches will show more details and is a better command over swlist when troubleshooting.
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Re: Unsatisfied code symbol 'pthread_mutex_unlock' on HP-UX 11.00


#swlist -l |grep -i thread
run this command on both machines and check for missing PThread patches in which you are getting error, and install those patches
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