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awk in df -k output.

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awk in df -k output.



$ bdf /tmp /usr /var |grep -v "Filesystem"|grep "%"|awk '{print $NF, $(NF-1)}'

/tmp 9%
/usr 37%
/var 50%

I am able to get File system usage correctly using bdf as what I expected.


I need the output to be same for df -k as bdf output.


I tried using different ways to df -k ,but i am not able to get the df -k output as same as bdf.



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Re: awk in df -k output.

Why would you ever want to use df when you have bdf?

You may want to look at Bill's bdfmegs:


But this should work:

df -k | awk '
substr($0, 1, 1) != " " {
   name = $1
/%/ {
   print name, $1 $2