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calculate total logs size

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calculate total logs size

Hi All,


I am on a n/w filer and trying to calculate the size of all log file from the past 24hrs.


find . -mtime -1 -type f |xargs du -sxh (this gives me the size of individual files)


How do a calculate with xargs so I get a total summation of files in MB or GB?



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Re: calculate total logs size

Use awk to add up the values?


<your commands> | awk 'BEGIN {sum=0} {sum=sum+$1} END {printf("%.2f\n", sum/1024)}'


You can modify the calculation above to suite your needs accordingly (e.g. not divide by 1024 if the value is less than 1024).


Soumitra C
HP-UX Compilers
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Re: calculate total logs size

You should probably replace xargs by: -exec ll -og {} +

Then just add up column $3 and divide by MB or GB.

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Re: calculate total logs size

Thanks SoumitraC, that worked!