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core dump in HPMutexWrapper::~HPMutexWrapper()

Isabel Lin
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core dump in HPMutexWrapper::~HPMutexWrapper()

I got a core dump while starting our application on HP 11.00:
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/netiq/UnixAgent/bin/./agent

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x6faae718 in pthread_mutex_destroy () from /usr/lib/libpthread.1
(gdb) where
#0 0x6faae718 in pthread_mutex_destroy () from /usr/lib/libpthread.1
#1 0x6fbdccb8 in __thread_mutex_free () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#2 0x6ff3e470 in _HPMutexWrapper::~_HPMutexWrapper ()
from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#3 0x6efc10c4 in __dt__Q2_4__rw12__string_refXTcTQ2_3std11char_traitsXTc_TQ2_3std9allocatorXTc__Fv ()
from /home/ilin/src/sjc/sjcunixdepot/main/lib/agentC/hpux/
#4 0x6efc0a48 in std::basic_string,std::allocator >::_C_getRep (this=0x6fff11f0, __cap=128, __len=1)
at /opt/aCC/include_std/
#5 0x6feab8b8 in __ct__Q2_3std12basic_stringXTcTQ2_3std11char_traitsXTc_TQ2_3std9allocatorXTc__FPCcRCQ2_3std9allocatorXTc__2 () from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#6 0x6ff07a08 in std::locale::name () from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#7 0x6feaabd0 in _C_initfacet__Q2_3std5ctypeXTc_FRCQ2_3std6locale ()
from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#8 0x6ff081ec in std::locale::_C_install_facet () from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#9 0x6ff07f64 in std::locale::_C_make_facet () from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#10 0x6ff027cc in std::ios_base::Init::Init () from /usr/lib/libstd_v2.2
#11 0x6ef996d8 in __sinit_nqext_callbacks_cpp___3stdFv ()
from /home/ilin/src/sjc/sjcunixdepot/main/lib/agentC/hpux/
#12 0x6fde1b54 in __shlInit () from /usr/lib/libCsup_v2.2
#13 0x6ef87788 in _shlInit ()
from /home/ilin/src/sjc/sjcunixdepot/main/lib/agentC/hpux/
---Type to continue, or q to quit---
#14 0x6fde1548 in __shlinit () from /usr/lib/libCsup_v2.2
#15 0x6fde3b40 in _main () from /usr/lib/libCsup_v2.2

This occurs only on HP boxes with B.11.00 900/785 2012304306. The HP boxes with B.11.00 900/785 2004313874 or 11.11 started our application successfully.

Our application used HP ANSI C++ compiler (aCC) B3910B A.03.33 with following linkage options:
-lcl -lnsl -lnm -lmalloc -ldld -lm -lcrypt -lsec -lpthread -lc -lcrypto -lCsup_v2 -lstd_v2

I notices library size differences for libCsup_v2.2:
11.00/2012304306 11.00/2004313874
217088 208896

What can I do to resolve the issue?

Isabel Lin

Frequent Advisor

Re: core dump in HPMutexWrapper::~HPMutexWrapper()

Hello Isabel,

have you consistenly compiled all your objects and linked them with -mt option?


PS: also, if you are doing STLv2 stuff, you should not be specifyinh all these libs on the link line. Just add -AA at compile time and link time.
-lpthread will be implicitely added by -mt.

PS: aCC3.33 is very old, you just upgrade to latest compiler...

For reference,,24!03!07!0050,00.html,,24!03!06!0089,00.html
Fred Ruffet
Honored Contributor

Re: core dump in HPMutexWrapper::~HPMutexWrapper()

Have you compiled on each system, or compiled on one, and copy binaries ?



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