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exporting 'trap' to other shell

Chandrahasa s
Valued Contributor

exporting 'trap' to other shell

Hi Gurus,

I want to know is there any way to export following line to new shell also.
trap 'date "+# %c" | read -s' debug

when i do sh and enter to new shell this trap stop working (there need to run again same)
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: exporting 'trap' to other shell

Hi Chandra:

You can export variables but not code. In this case, you could place the line in question into a file that you source (or "include") when spawning a new shell. Thus, any shell could do:

echo "I am born..."
. /usr/local/bin/myshtraps

Where '/usr/local/bin/myshtraps' contains the line of code you described. Note that shell's sourcing (reading or including) the material are called with a dot ('.') followed by whitespace and the file name. This adds the code and/or variables to the current environment for its use rather than spawning a new subshell.


muruganantham raju
Valued Contributor

Re: exporting 'trap' to other shell

hi Chandra,

If it is a single line of command, then you can assing the command to a variable and export the variable.

For E.g.

echo "hello"
export MYCMD="echo Today is `date '+%d %m %y'`"

# cat
echo "`$MYCMD`"