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installing Net::SNMP module in perl

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Tim Howell
Frequent Advisor

installing Net::SNMP module in perl

I have installed the 5.8.2 release from depot. I want to use snmp, so to my understanding, I have to install the Net::SNMP module retrieved from CPAN. However when installing it, a message tells me it is dependant on Crypt::DES. When I try to install that, I get a failure because the include file machine/types.h does not exist.
Is there an HP specific port for this, or is there a workaround? (or do I have some problem I'm not seeing entirely?)

I am on HP-UX 11i (PA-RISC)

if only we knew...
Ermin Borovac
Honored Contributor

Re: installing Net::SNMP module in perl

You probably have old version of Crypt::DES module (1.0?). Please download latest version from