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ksh: compare of two outputs ( with a array )

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ksh: compare of two outputs ( with a array )



with informations of  filesystem of a service guard package (style modular)

i will check the actual mounted filesystems with the output of a service guard package command (cmgetconf).

a filesystem can be mounted  but not configured (existing) in a svg package config.

so i  have to compare two outputs. i store those outputs in two arrays .


1.  parse output of svg package and store it in a array

parse the informations of the fs config of a svg package

( i store it in /tmp/cmgetconf.lst , so no svg command is needed )

grep -E "^fs_name|^fs_directory|^fs_type|^fs_mount_opt|^fs_umount_opt|^fs_fsck_opt"  of command.


2. parse output of  bdf and grep of svg package ( the vgname include the svg package name)

    i stored the "bdf" output in /tmp/bdf.lst


3. compare the two arrays and show the filesystems , which i didn't find in output of svg command.


i find no better way ...


kind regards