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pa-risc & dlopen for 32-bit

Occasional Contributor

pa-risc & dlopen for 32-bit

I'm trying to open a shared lib on a pa-risc system like this:

dlhdl = dlopen("",RTLD_LAZY|RTLD_GLOBAL);

When the DLL & app are compiled as 32-bit this always fails - with an error saying that the it cannot open the shared lib ...

However it works when I compile both the DLL & app as 64-bit (+DD64).

Is there any additional settings to get dlopen to work in 32-bit mode

(all the env settings are the same when I try the tests i.e. SHLIB_PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc are all the same)
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: pa-risc & dlopen for 32-bit

If you expect to use SHLIB_PATH with the SOM, you must link with -Wl,+s. Or use "chatr +s enable executable".
Occasional Contributor

Re: pa-risc & dlopen for 32-bit

the chatr seems to work. Now its a different issue. My shared library is built with "-mt" (linked with pthreads).

So when I do a dlopen/shl_load of this library I get:
/usr/lib/ Can't shl_load() a library containing Thread Local Storage: /usr/lib/libpthread.1

The documentation seems to suggest that I can compile my shared library with the +tls=dynamic option and I should'nt see this anymore ... however that does not seem to work. I still get the same error messsage.

By the way the versions I have is:
aCC: HP ANSI C++ B3910B A.03.60
HPUX B.11.11 U 9000/800

(exporting LD_PRELOAD does solve the problem - but I'd like to be able to resolve it without having users do this)

Acclaimed Contributor

Re: pa-risc & dlopen for 32-bit

>"-mt" (linked with pthreads).

You shouldn't link shlibs with libpthread. -mt has been fixed to no longer do that with -b. Only the executable should be linked with libpthread.

>I can compile my shared library with the +tls=dynamic option and I shouldn't see this anymore

That only works for your shlib, not for libpthread. And +tls=dynamic doesn't work for PA.

>exporting LD_PRELOAD does solve the problem

As I mentioned, if you are actually creating threads, then link your executables with libpthread.

If you aren't creating threads, then don't link your shlibs with -mt.