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pipe created with wrong name

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pipe created with wrong name

Hi Guys! 

Facing the problem when pipe (IPC) I'm creating using open(...) method is created in the wrong way. Pipe character ('|') is being appended to the name I give. 
When I run my program I get this file created:

prw-r----- 1 aleks cortex 0 Apr 15 14:15 832081|

while the name I use is /home/aleks/tmp/832081. I have checked the string I'm usign as a pipe name. 

Here is a code snippet:

short open_for_resp( void )
   int fd;

   /* NOTE: open on a pipe with RDONLY waits until there */
   /* is a writer on the other end - how convenient ! */
   fprintf(stderr, "YOPT [%s]", M_fifonm);
   fd = open(M_fifonm, O_RDONLY);

Output I get:
YOPT [/home/aleks/tmp/832081]


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: pipe created with wrong name

Sorry guys! Seems like ls gives me this output to identify the pipe. Thanks to all. The problem is solved.

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: ls adds a "|" to the end of a pipe

>ls gives me this output to identify the pipe.


That's correct.  Using "ls -F" will add a variety of chars to identify pipes, executables, directories and symlinks.

(Also your snippet didn't show the mknod(2) call.)