ACU w/RHAS3.0 64-Bits

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Ian Derringer
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ACU w/RHAS3.0 64-Bits

Has anyone here successfully installed HP ACU utility on their Linux server? I can start the service without any errors. However, when I go and try to use it, the screen can only paste part of the screen. On my Gigabit switch, the only servers that are on there are 64-bits OS. Would it be possible that the ACU utility I have doesn't work on my 64-bits Linux.

On the other hand, I have other ACU utility running under Windows 2003 environment without an issues.

Would it be possible if I can add my Windows 2003 server into the same zone as my 64-bits servers so that I can use the ACU utility? I wouldn't hate to mixed the two environments though.

Any ideas on how can get away from using the CLI command line?? Please help this newbie.

Thank you in advance.

Ian D.
Ivajlo Yanakiev
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Re: ACU w/RHAS3.0 64-Bits

Do you see working process for ACU ?
The problem here is that ACU have only unsecure channel and you can connect it.
You muse stop web.... someting that redirect you every time ot https and then
ACU will work

I never use ACU on 64 bit server but it work fine with DL380 G4 and Fedora